Welcome to: Draig Goch Field Archers

Based in Rhuallt

our archery club offers great facilities with stunning views across the North Wales countryside.

Archery in North Wales

Field Archery

Field archery as the name implies is an outdoors sport for all ages and abilities. The course consists of targets set out at varying lengths and they are not marked and so adding another dimension of difficulty. The course is laid with safety first and foremost in mind as up to 200 archers can be shooting at the same time!

There are 6 types of bow allowed ranging from the traditional longbow to the modern compound bow and crossbow, they can be categorised into 'sighted' and 'non-sighted' classes. Archers following different styles shoot together but only compete against others shooting their style.

A course can involve walking several miles through woodland and so keeps you fit as well as being a truly rewarding sport.

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