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We welcome new members having just been awarded a generous grant by Sport Wales we have excellent facilities for both experienced archers and for those wishing to just have a go before they decide to take up the sport.

With a team of fully qualified coaches, we run several beginners courses each year from April to September. The minimum age we can accept for lessons is 7. Our training range is easily accessible for all  abilities, we have excellent quality equipment you can use whilst training before buying your own kit.

If you are interested in enrolling for a course  contact    coach@draiggoch.co.uk

There is no joining fee for our club and annual subscription is just £30 (£10 for U16s), for this you can come and shoot in the woods 7 days  a week, fully insured! We hold a series of club shoots throughout the year and special events such as barbeques. In addition to our club fees you can join NFAS (National Field Archery Society), our governing body, which costs £20 per year £10 for U16s) and for this you get full personal liability insurance cover for shooting any other NFAS affiliated club course. By joining NFAS you also get the opportunity to enter open shoots held at other clubs in the area. With over 6000 members the NFAS is one of the largest archery associations in the country.

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Field Archery

Hunting with a bow is illegal in this country, though we do not necessarily condone hunting live animals we do shoot at full size models made from polyurethane foam.  Besides animal targets we also have a zombie (Fred)!!

These targets are laid out in a course usually within a wooded area and are made to look as though they were in a natuaral setting. These targets have 'kill' areas marked on them and you score according to which area you hit.

The NFAS have very strict safety rules which ensure that no-one is injured by being hit by another archers arrow.

Field archery is becoming more and more popular and now has recognition by BASC (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) who have started their own bowhunting competitions across the country.

Archery is a great sport for kids in that it teaches them responsibility, safety and encourages them to research the history of this traditional pastime, for instance in 1365 Edward lll banned the playing of ball games in this country and made archery a compulsory pastime for all males on a Sunday afternoon after Church!!!!

Though it is not an olympic event, field archery is enjoyed all over the world and there are National, European and World Championships held annually.

Remember if you want to come and have a try just call the number above, we look forward to meeting you.

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